Saturday, October 31, 2015

John Tortorella

Listening to the Post Game Presser with Torts...He was honest. And he said something that made me think, that I need to start a list of some of his comments. I'm going to call them #Tortisms. He's a straight shooter, and ya gotta love him for that at the very least. The first #Tortism is "Gotta have some Skin". The question posed to him was about the booing that was raining down on the players during the game.

He said that you have to get some skin to play in this league. You can't let them get to you (the players and coaches). They like it when they are winning, and the fans are cheering, so you have to be able to take the boos. And he repeated himself saying "You Gotta have some Skin".

The whole presser, he was honest, didn't hold back, but did it in a respectful way. This is a breathe of fresh air, and even though the record is 2-3 with the new coach, I feel pretty positive about this team. They won't win every game from here on out. But they won't lose all of them either, even though we feel that way right now. I'm still behind the Jackets, #CBJNoMatterWhat.

Oh, Blue Line Store, Where the hell is the Campbell jersey?

Sunday, October 18, 2015

4 days later

Well, we are now 0-6-0. We haven't come close to a win. We seem to be feeding the notion that we are a joke of a team. We can't even get out of our own way. And now, the fanbase of the CBJ is turning on each other. Losing has a way of doing that to a fanbase.

Yes, I agree that changes need to be made. What are those changes? Who is to say. Four days ago, as stated in this blog, I felt that firing Todd Richards would be a bad idea. I've soften that stance a bit, but I'm concerned that there won't be a good candidate to replace him. Also, how would the players respond? There are so many variables in this that it's hard for me to say what, if any changes, should be made.

There have been confidence issues, that the CBJ Cannon spoke to at length here, and I happen to agree with his points. Sergei made mention he doesn't have any confidence in himself. The team itself doesn't have any confidence in itself, as evidence in last nights game in Chicago. Again, no answers will be found in this blog, but what needs to happen to get that back.

One thing that I noticed today, and I did myself, was that the CBJ FAITHFUL are tweeting the players, giving them positive vibes. The fanbase needs to remind themselves that this may be a bump in the road. Eddie Olczyk even said that the CBJ still have the talent and time to get to the playoffs. I happen to agree with him. We have the time and talent to still do this. We can still live up to our potential. We still play into May and June with this team. We don't have to throw the baby out with the bathwater right now.

I have faith in this team. I have faith in the ownership and management team to make the right decisions for the present, and future, of our Columbus Blue Jackets. I may not agree with them, we all may not agree with them, but they are paid to make those decisions.

Short Blog, but I leave you with this inspiration video. and Go Jackets!!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2015


The season has started for most teams. For the CBJ, it doesn't seem to have started as of yet. I'm concerned, like most fans, that this is indicative of another bad season. Our talent base is one of the best, if not the best, we've ever assembled. We, as fans, were hopeful, excited, and dreaming of a playoff run. Now, we just want to win a game. I know there are other teams that haven't one, including three other teams in our division. But, I'm not worried about those teams right now. I'm worried about my CBJ.

One of my main issues I'm having right now, are all the people already calling for major changes. Some are asking for HCTR to be fired. Some are asking for trades and call-ups. I've even seen someone calling for Jarmo to be fired. I don't get it. Why is everyone wanting these drastic changes? Has it ever worked for other teams in the past? I'm dumbfounded by all of the comments.

I've been a fan of the CBJ for a few years. I can't say I've been a fan since the beginning, as I lived in Boston when they started. I somewhat followed them. I have read about the bad years, of which there are alot in the 15 years of existence. But, I'm been bitten by the bug. I'm a diehard CBJ fan now. Win, lose, tie, shootout. I'm a fan. I stand behind them.

Does this mean I'll turn a blind eye to what is wrong? No. I will make suggestions to what I think will improve the team. Right now, support is what they need. They know they are playing like complete crap. I hate seeing them playing like this. But, I will still support them. I will not boo them, I will not ask for HCTR to be fired at this point. I won't ask to trade certain players right now. It's way too early for that talk.

I'm a fan. A loyal fan. Just like I am for Ohio State Football. I have faith right now that the CBJ will turn it around. We need to give them that. We want to keep this team a destination for some of the more talented players in the league. Let's show the hockey world that Columbus deserves the 6th best fan base in hockey according to ESPN. We owe the players that.

That said...where the HELL is my Campbell jersey at, Blue Line store?