Sunday, August 30, 2015

Cannonfest, a week later

It's been a week since Cannonfest 2015. People are getting excited about the upcoming season. The players are starting to come into town to start getting ready for camp. There is a chill in the air (right now's going to get hot again). Did my first Fantasy draft today. Hockey season is coming.

Cannonfest this year was head at Dick's Last Resort in the Arena District. It was a very warm day, definitely not hockey weather. It was well attended, and there were some familiar faces there, such as the Boone's Goons, CBJ Avengers, the Union Blue Soldiers, the CBJ Artillery, and the Monster's Jacket fan club, which represented the Lake Erie Monsters. I had the honor to help out at the Union Blue Soldiers table and help promote the March of the Union Army (Cheap Plug time) that will be held Opening Night, Friday, October 9th beginning at 5:30 in front of R Bar. You must be there if you are a CBJ fan, or a very confused Rangers fan (as if there is any other type)

Below are some pictures I took at Cannonfest. Not a lot, but proves I was there....

Sonny Milano was the surprise this year. I'm looking forward to see him in a CBJ uniform this season. He is going to be a special kid.

I missed the videos from Shane Guilfoyle this year as I was at the UBS table, but I've watched them, and they are excellent. Excellent job, Shane. I particularly like the third one, as it starts out with the Prout beatdown of Lucic

Three weeks from tomorrow (Monday), the CBJ have their first pre-season game against the Crysby Flightless Birds that Smell. I'm excited for that. That is also the week I may become a grandfather, which is very exciting as well. (Much more so, I have to admit). The season cannot start fast enough for me. My grandson can't get here soon enough. 

Let me sign off with this, which we should hear ALOT of this year....  GOAL!!!!!

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Slow week

Seems like there is a lull. It's been a quiet hockey week. posted some stories about our beloved CBJ last Saturday (that I've been kicking myself that I didn't repost them here last week), so for your re-viewing pleasure (if you haven't watched, your viewing pleasure), here is one of the stories, with a video overview from two guys at about the Columbus Blue Jackets.

Since it's a slow week, CBJ wise, I will use this time to talk about a March. No, not the month of March, but the March of the Union Army. The 2nd annual March of the Union Army will happen the evening of October 9th, which just happens to be the opening night game of your.... COLUMBUS BLUUUUUE JACKETS! It's as if the CBJ planned that for us......

Anyway, we will start off at the Patio of the R-Bar around 5:30, and march to the Nationwide Arena. Last year's march was amazing, and this years is looking even better. This is a great way to show your CBJ Pride, march down the Arena District, and maybe even get a picture or two with that great looking bunch in the picture on the March Facebook event page.

Hats off to Kevin Valentin for organizing the march last year, and getting it together this year as well. Thanks also goes to Union Blue, as we've already go 60 commitments to the March, and that number is sure to grow.

Another upcoming event is Cannonfest, which happens this Sunday, August 23rd, at Dicks Last Resort, which is just outside the east enterance of Nationwide Arena. The Union Blue Soliders will have a booth there, and Kevin Valentin and Mark Ruckers will be at the booth. I would help with the booth, but we would like to have people come to the table, and not run away screaming. :)

Last years Cannonfest was a great time, and this years looks to be amazing. The festivities start at 1pm, and I hope to meet some of you there. Depending on how my pictures turn out, I'll post some of them here next week.

(For the record, I'm the guy to the left of Kevin in the March picture on Facebook. I'm between one of the amazing Boone's Goon's guys and Kevin. I don't have a mask, but probably should get one.)

Saturday, August 8, 2015

First post of the New Blog!!!!!!!!!! we are. A new season is almost upon us. Does anyone know if the Blue Jackets did anything of note during the offseason? I can't seem to find anything on Facebook or Twitter about it....hmmm...strange. Makes me Saad.....but nothing that a Campbell soup can't fix.....

Anyway, This upcoming season has playoffs written all about it. How do I know? Just read everything from what was published on today about the Blue Jackets to just about any blog or hockey site outside of Chicago has been posting about the CBJ. When they finished the season from Hell strong last year, it got noticed by the rest of the league. And not just the non-playoff teams. Even the "mighty" *enguins made a comment that our CBJ team is now "scary good". I'm betting Crysby is going to have pink eye in both eyes when they play us. Or, is did she buy a Dubi blowup doll to practice on? The world may never know...

Brandon Saad is one of the reasons that many pundits believe that we are going to the playoffs. I cannot argue that. He's won two (that's 2 for those that don't know longhand) Stanley Cups with the Chicago Blackhawks. He knows how to win, and he played well with some of the great talent that was, and still is, to a degree, in Chicago. Names like Toews, Sharp, Kane. But, he's not there anymore. He's here. And I think playing with young talent like Joey, Cam, et. al, he's going to bring us some playoff memories, including watching the Lord Stanley skated around NWA.

But, he's not the player I'm excited about the most. I'm more excited about Campbell. Greg Campbell. The man who took a slapshot to the leg, was broken, and he FINISHED THE POWER KILL against Malkin and Crysby in the 2013 Stanley Cup Playoffs. Let that sink in. Against the self appointed "best pair in hockey". And the they didn't score on the PP. Crysby couldn't score against someone with a broken leg, who was hobbling and limited. And now, he's on a team with Scott Hartnell, Brandon Dubinsky, Ryan Johansen and the 5th Line, who are all anti-Crysby. I'd hate to be Crysby's towel boy when Sidney looks at that line. Might have to re-zamboni the ice right after the first face off. I think the toughness and energy that he'll bring will invigorate the rest of the team, and they will do what everyone seems to be impossible...and we will not only win a series..but we will at least get to the Conference Finals. Hey...I can dream....and play NHL 16 to realize it....

Now, let's talk about those Blackhawk fans who got so bent out of shape when Saad left. Terms like Butt-hurt, and "They were Saad" where pretty commonly thrown back at them. But the best part was the fact it wasn't just CBJ fans telling them that. It was pretty much the entire league telling them that. And we got a collective pat on the back from alot of the other teams. It was like "good job kid" That felt pretty darn good.

Even the Chicago media writers were crying. I mean, seriously? Wishing ill will on a player that helped bring two Cups to a town that not 10 years ago had a crappy team, no fans, and no playoff prospects? Hell, at least the CBJ had fans then. There was nothing "United" about the Chicago hockey fan base at the time. Now, the bandwagon is so full that they have to have a spotter and the "Oversize Load" put on the back of the wagon. Be interesting to see what happens when the wheels on that bus go flying off...

Let us not forget about those that have left us. Dano, Arty, Morin, Letestu. A moment of silence for them. All great players, and CBJ warriors. Maybe we can get them back someday.

I need to make a comment about my Captain. Nicky. Nick Foligno. I could not think of a better player to lead this team. Yes, we have so many potential C's on the team. And who is the say one of them may become a C down the road.  But right now, Nick is the best man for the job. Now, if only electing a President would be so simple...

That's all I have right now folks. Tune in next time when the topic will be.........whatever is on my mind.....I'll also take ideas from anyone. You can reach me on Twitter at the handle @gambit624, or email me at