Saturday, September 26, 2015

Pre-season thoughts

So, we have five pre-season games in the books so far. I'm liking what I'm seeing so far. Campbell, who I'm more excited about, acquistion wise, is looking good. I haven't seen Saad yet (his first game was today), but I have high hopes that he is going to do well. That kid has some potential.

Switching gears one of the prospects that stood out to me was Oleg Yevenko. He had a fight during the game on Tuesday evening, and he reminds me so much of Chara from the Bruins. Big, bruising, and ready to protect his teammates. I'm hoping that he finds his way back to the Blue Jackets. He is one player that I feel is ready for the big leagues. And, he moves well for a guy his size. Something to be said for that.

Sonny Milano has impressed as well. He's had more game time, due to Saad's injury (puck to the face). This has given him some valuable ice time, and I think it's raised his stock. He seems to fit well with the team and has developed some chemistry with the vets. Respect is big, and he seems to have it.

Joonas Korpisalo. After watching the first game against the Penguins, that name is going to be known. He played a lights out campaign (save for the shootout) that night. I'm hoping that he is the best kept secret of the CBJ, meaning that his name never gets out. In my mind, and many others I spoke with, he is the new #3 goaltender.

We have one more home pre-season game, against the Nashville KittyCats. It's going to be a fun one, for sure. Hoping to see some of you there.

A few things I wanna plug before I go. First off, the March of the Union Army. If you haven't signed up, I have one question. WHY? WHY NOT? Go to the Union Blue Soldiers Page on Facebook to sign up. There is no basic training required other than yelling and walking. Want to see what it entails? View this YouTube video from last years March. This will give you all you need to know.

Also, my buddies at Boone's Goons have their own YouTube Channel. When they are not fighting off the Content Police of YouTube, they post some Most Excellent videos and are planning on expanding their offerings. You can go here to visit their channel. I know these guys personally, and I can say they are funny and honest off camera as well.

Although I was unable to attend, it seems that Flockfest was a huge success. A huge shout-out to Foligno's Flock for putting together an awesome event for a great cause. I'm hoping to make it next year, as judging from the pictures, it looked amazing. Unless I have another grandchild at that time, I'll trek up that way.

Lastly, a more personal one for me. On October 11th, I will be participating in the Autism Speaks Walk for Autism. I am the captain of the team for where I work. But it is also a personal endeavor, as my son was diagnosed with Autism in 2006. Since the first walk in Columbus in 2008, I have been a part of the walk. My team name is Melissa's Missionaries, after my late wife who passed away in 2011 of cancer. If you can't make the walk, please consider donating to my page to help raise awareness and fund research for those affected by Autism. My personal page, complete with a goofy picture of my son and I in our Blue Jacket sweaters, is here.

Thanks for reading my blog. Probably be the only blog I ever compose from the great state of Washington. If you ever get a chance, visit this beautiful state. The views that I've seen here, both of the mountains and the coast, have been breathtaking. For now, can't wait to see you guys at the Cannon at first intermission.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

5th Line Fest, and FIRST PRESEASON GAME.


No, I'm not excited at all. This is the best time of year. The leafs are starting to turn (and will still not make the playoffs), everyone is starting to wear sweaters (my fave is #71, but I'll wear any Union Blue past or present), and the gloves will be dropping again, along with the pucks.

Our first pre-season game is against the dirtiest of the dirty birds, the team-that-shall-never-be-named, and the team of the Crysby. Kessel, Crybaby, and Malkin are not going to be there, according to the local press, as Kessel and Malkin are playing in their Tuesday game. Apparently, Crysby has a tear duct infection to deal with, and is day to day.

I've been counting the days down to this event. This is our first step to a special season for us. With the addition of Saad and Campbell, and being healthy, we are looking at a season where teams are not looking forward to seeing the Union Blue on the other side. They are going to hear ALOT of the cannon this year.

Fan Fest..or 5th Line Fest, as it's called now, was a great event this year. I only got two autographs, in Justin Falk, and Greg "I have a broken leg, but no way in hell is Crysby scoring on this power play" Campbell. Campbell is the one I really wanted. He came from Boston, which is my second team, as I lived there for a few years. Plus, and more importantly, he is a bad ass. I think he and Saad are going to bring some leadership to this team on a team that is already rich in that area. Based on what I've seen about Saad, he's already fitting in well and looking forward to seeing him on the ice.

That's Campbell in the red shirt, with Falk in the white. Both great guys...I have more pics, but need to get them off my phone, and I'll post them. I'll also post some pictures from the game tomorrow as time permits. I'm going to all three games this week, fly to Seattle to see my new grandson Friday morning, back on Monday night, in time for the next home pre-season game.

I do want to address the Kane situation. I read in an article today that it looks like the charges won't stick due to the DNA not matching his. That article is here. My take on this situation is simple. He should not be with his team until the case is resolved. While it looks like he's in the clear, which is a good thing in my opinion. But Slava Voynov was accused of domestic violence. He was immediately suspended. Call me crazy, but rape is a couple notches above domestic violence AT LEAST! Kane should have been suspended pending the outcome. I hope he didn't do it, and is cleared, but treat him like everyone else. Don't do the NFL route and do it based on your mood that day.

That said, I'll end on a happy note. I hope to get to meet alot of you this year at the Cannon this year, starting tomorrow night.  GO CBJ!!!!!! And don't forget, the March of the Union Army is happening again this year. It happens Friday, October 9th, which is opening night. We start at R-Bar Patio at 5:30pm and we march to Nationwide Arena. We have about 100 people so far, and hope to see you there as well.