Tuesday, August 2, 2016


Yeah yeah yeah...haven't posted in awhile.....bite me. :)

Just dropping a quick line to help out a friend. He's started a little hockey clothing shop, named...what else, Little Shop of Hockey. You may POSSIBLY see some samples at Cannonfest 2016, being held at Dicks Last Resort on August 21st, 2016. Link to the store here, here and here. Yes, I know the guy who started it. He's a great guy, except for that Dallas Cowboy team he likes. But, can't win them all. Check out what he has, and I think you will like what you see...unless you are a *ens fan...then... GET OUT!!!!!!

More details here about Cannonfest. This is a great event, and serves, at least to this humble blogger, as the official start to CBJ fandom all over the globe.

Will I blog more here? Hell, I don't know. Time is a fickle thing.... But don't be SAAD if I don't. I'll do what I CAM to blog more often.

Oh...before I forget to mention this, the MARCH OF THE UNION ARMY is back for a third year. Yes....that march that likes to scream various CBJ Phrases, sing the praises of the CBJ, and all around attention getter on opening night IS BACK, BABY!!!! October 13th, when the Columbus Blue Jackets take on the BAAAAASTON Bhuins...we will march from Rbar to the Arena. Join us...it's fun, get your picture taken by various fans along the route, and maybe even get your picture taken with an actual Civil War veteran, Jay Hillegas. All that and more. Just go to the Union Blue Soldiers page on Facebook here to sign up and be a part of what has become a tradition at the beginning of the season. Click here to view the inaugural march from two years ago.

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