Monday, October 6, 2014

Done deal, but let's move forward

The nightmare is over. The Ryan Johansen ordeal is over with. He has been signed to a three year contract. The terms are all over Twitter and Facebook, so I'm not going to re-hash it here.  Bottom line is that it's a fair contract that is backloaded. I like it, and he's back with us. I'm happy, and with the addition of Skille, I think we've improved our team.

In other news, Kerby Rychel has been assigned to Springfield. I'm a little surprised by that, as I felt he played better then Wennberg, as much as I was pulling for Wennberg. I'm sure Richards saw something that I obviously missed. I'm glad Wennberg made it, but was also pulling Rychel. I hope to see them both, as I mentioned that to both of them at the Zoo event last week.

Brian Gibbons is on the IR, which would be why I didn't see him the last two games. I hope he comes back soon, as I think he's a GREAT addition to the team. Get well soon, Brian.

With the last pre-season game in the books, we now look forward to the start of the season on October 9th against the Buffalo Sabres. I'm excited to see this game, hopefully from R-Bar with some great people in the CBJ family.

While I am there, we will be talking about the March of the Union Army. I'll be finalizing the march call outs (based on the lines we see on Thursday). With all of the events going on with Opening Night, I would like to see everyone at the March, which kicks off at R-Bar at 5:30. Wear your Union Blue (CBJ Jersey's are welcomed), and March with us. I'm excited to be part of this, and honored to be helping make this a great event. Thanks to Kevin Valentin for allowing me this opportunity.

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