Monday, October 13, 2014

First two games..great start

For the CBJ, the first two games are in the books. Both of them wins over the Buffalo Sabres and the New Yawk Rangers.

I got to watch the CBJ-Sabres game at R Bar downtown. The atmosphere at R Bar was electric. Everyone one excited and jacked up for the game. I have to admit it surprised even me how people were excited for the game. It was really good to see that. Got to hang out with some great people, including Kevin Valentin, Alex Sawyer among others. 97.1 was there, and just a great time to be had.

Saturday. The home opener, I got downtown around 2 or so, and you could already feel how excited the fans were for the game to start. I didn't get to see the red carpet as I decided to hang out with Teressa and the rest of the Arch City Army (Brian, Jerod, Zach, et al). I'm glad I did. It was a great time with fellow fans and just plan great folk. Got to see Dancing Kevin again, who, as I've said before, is a GREAT guy and very approachable. I love the fact that his video of him dancing with the LaBlatt bear has gone viral. He's simply an amazing guy.

At 5:30. we did the March of the Union Army. I must say it was an amazing success. We started at R Bar, and immeditly, people were curious as to what we were doing. Once they realized what we were doing, people around began to chant along with us. Kevin, your enthusiasm in getting this started and moving was incredible. All credit goes to you for the idea and organizing this. This was a pretty amazing thing, and we got alot of cheers along the way. Next year, it will be much better

The game itself. Let me say that it was amazing. From the time they hit the ice for pre-game warmups, to the player introductions, to the final cannon shot, the crowd was into it. It was more than electric at Nationwide Arena. It's hard to explain what it was like to be there for my first home opener. It was one of the most amazing things I've ever had the honor to be a part of. The crowd was on the edge of their seats for every play, pass, shot, line change. It was a great night, which I was honored to be part of.

It was nice to see the Blue Jackets honor the players that were either injured or scratched. You know that they want to get back on the ice, although I feel Horton with his back issues, is done.  I love the guy, and he played with great heart last season when he did play. But I feel that he should step aside for the sake of his family and be there for them. I'd love to see him as a commentator or a coach down the road.

Tomorrow night, we take on the Dallas Stars. I'll be attending that game, so hope to see some of you there at the game. #CBJ

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