Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Nathan Horton and other thoughts

With some of the reports that say W Nathan Horton may have to retire due to a degenerative back problem, I thought that I would give a few thoughts on this.

I've only seen Nathan Horton play live a few times. I've seen him when he was with the Bruins a couple times during the Bruins run at the Stanley Cup in 2011 on TV. My impression of him was a go getter who played his heart out. He was a team first player that never thought of himself. That made him a great fit with the Blue Jackets. When he was signed before last season, I got excited. I loved the signing and was hopeful. While his first season with the CBJ wasn't as good as he wanted, we were hopeful for his second season. He would be healthy, and go back to the Horton that played for Boston.

Sadly, it doesn't look like it's going to happen. As a fan, it sucks. When healthy, he was great. As a person, I feel for the guy. This is something he loves and it's about to be taken away. It would not surprise me to see him retire. You don't want to potentially risk permanent damage, as he does have a family to think about. If it were me, I would retire as well. I would love to see him in a front office job somewhere, even if it's not with the CBJ.

The CBJ are looking at a three game road trip. Thursday against the Sharks, Friday against the Ducks, and finally Sunday against the Kings. It's a rough stretch on the road, and I would love to see them go 2-1 on that swing. I think it's a possibility, as this team is good enough to do it. The only down side that that Mcelhinney is hurt. I think Forsberg will be a suitable backup, but I'm a Dansky fan. I think we will do fine no matter who is backing up the BOB.

The team, in my opinion, is doing well. With the exception of the Stars game, they are hungry and aggressive. That is the CBJ I love to see. If we can keep up this intensity, good thinks will come our way. Wennberg, who is still waiting to score his first goal, is doing well. Dano is looking good. Hartnell is doing well.

With that said, I can't wait for the next home game... I miss my boys.....

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