Sunday, September 28, 2014

CBJ Podcasts

Over the past few days, book ending my OSU game I attended, I've been able to listen to a couple of podcasts. The first one I listened to was called Blue Jacket Racket. You can find that podcast here. It is on the air on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday at 5pm, although that is subject to change come the start of the regular season. The gentleman who runs that is Kevin J VanManen. You can find him on Twitter @k_vanmanen. His guests that day were the guys who run the twitter account @boones_goones. They were on to talk about the CBJ, and announce their 2014-15 World Tour. They are visiting various towns in Ohio during the Columbus Blue Jacket Season. They are bringing some giveaways to each stop on their World Tour.

I enjoyed listening to Blue Jacket Racket. The passion that Kevin has is undeniable. But he is also honest. I'll definitely catch his podcast when I can. He will have the creator of the March of the Union Army Kevin Valentin on his pod cast this week on Friday at 5pm EST. I could be wrong, but there might be mention of a March on Oct 11th. Catch it. This one is going to take off, in my opinion. Support him and this really good podcast.

The other podcast I listened to was one done by @WithAnOhioBias. That podcast can be heard here. I listened to that earlier this morning, and let me tell you, it was an outstanding piece of work as well. They had the CBJ Artillery on discussing the #WeAreThe5thLine movement they started. They also had one of the CBJ Ice Girls on, who explained why she wears goalie skates instead of regular skates. Kevin Valentin was on as well, talking about the March of the Union Army that is happening Opening Night. They ended by talking about the latest RyJo news.

With An Ohio Bias was a great podcast as well. Great questions, and some great responses. The hosts were very gracious with their guests, and the guests got to talk about their CBJ world, and even had time to give shoutouts (Disclaimer..I got one....went all fan boy here...). This is definitely one I will catch on a regular basis.

This is actually my first two times listening to any type of podcasts. I will have to indulge a little more on those, especially those that talk about the Blue Jackets.

Give both of these a podcasts a listen. If you are even a casual Blue Jacket fan, you'll be better for it.

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