Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Two down, two to go (Preseason Style)

So, I just got back from my second of two pre-season games this week. Let me tell you, it's getting me even more pumped up for the season. Being there for both games, the smell of the ice (yes, it has a smell I can get all the way up in Sec 209), the fans....gives me goose bumps.

After watching the first two pre-season games, one thing that stood out to me was the puck control. It seemed like the CBJ just couldn't keep the puck in control. I'm not as concerned so much as many of the lines that played the last two nights haven't played together, so they may be a bit off. It also seemed like the ice was playing a major factor, as it was scrapped several times each period.

Players that stood out to me:

Alex Wennberg. Scored a goal in the first game. He seemed aggressive the first game, and seemed to fit in well with his line mates. I think he'll get the call if (player name deleted) isn't available, especially if Jenner slides to Center.

Boone Jenner (shout out to @BoonesGoons): I feel he did well at center. Since he's played center every level, this would not surprise anyone. He works hard, plays hard, and leaves it on the ice every night, and Sunday was no exception. One goal...so I was happy. There was also a good article by @aportzline on Jenner this week. Check it out here.

Kerby Rychel: Scored the first goal Sunday night. That didn't impress me as much as what he did against the Penguins....He threw down. I went crazy over that. The guy has a great punch. I hope to see that alot this year, and especially against Crysby.

Those three stood out to me. Of course, Bob made 30 saves out of 30 shots against the Penguins...so a  BIG shout out to him for his performance. Dansk(ing) made 12 more. I think he's making a statement as well.

What does this all mean right now? It means that we are stocking the pantry. If one player goes down, we have enough spice to choose from and get the job done. I think it will come together nicely by the time Oct 9th rolls around in Buffalo, NY. Then on October 11th, NWA may need a new roof.

I will say one good thing about what I saw out of the Flightless Birds that Don't wear Pants. The team seemed to communicate well. Nice clean passes for the most part.  They just suck at shooting at the goal.

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