Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Traverse City, and other thoughts

I just "watched" the last period and the overtime of the Traverse City prospects final, and the Blue Jackets prospects have emerged the winners, beating the Dallas Stars prospects 3-2. I say "watched" as the play by play was done by Rob Mixer and Alison on Twitter, and then I followed the last minute or two on DRW training's website.

It got me more excited about the upcoming season. Being a first time Season Ticket Holder (STH), watching a home team do well, and being part of a growing, but close knit family, just gets the blood pumping more for the upcoming season. Watching the CBJ prospects win this tournament gives me chills. We have some great prospects that are just chomping at the bit to come to Columbus. They want to come up to Columbus.

Which brings me to Joey. Ryan Johansen. Let me start by saying that I love Joey. I think he is a great talent and has TONS of potential to be the new face of the CBJ and being as recognized as a Blue Jacket as much as Rick Nash (that hurt to type). But this contract thing is getting old. I realize there is blame on both sides of this dispute. Get a deal done. Get Joey back to the Blue Jacket Family where he belongs. I think we, as fans, will forgive both sides once we see him skate on the ice at Nationwide Arena.

However, if he doesn't, we do have some amazing prospects, as was proven over the past week. Wennberg, Rychel, Bjorkstrand, Dansk.....These names will be spoken soon in Columbus. I'm excited for the future of this team, this organization, and this devoted, passionate fan base. I think that with the depth we have, we will be "THE" team no one wants to play, not just one of the teams that other's don't want to play. I think the hockey world took notice of that last season, especially during the playoffs.

This season, starting with the game this Sunday against St. Louis, let's show the world that even during the pre-season, we get up for our Blue Jackets. The Union Army is ready to go, no matter during training camp, or on the battlefield of the season.

Let's #BattleOn.

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