Thursday, September 18, 2014

Thoughts of the day....

I do want to thank Greg May for including my blog yesterday on his CBJ Daily on Ryan Johansen. Three posts in, and I'm linked. Thanks.

I just learned that Johnasen's camp made an offer. What it was, is up for ALOT of speculation. My take from this is, that the door is still open. I'm not caring at this point what the offer was, or why it was rejected (although I think hurt feelings may have played into it).

What do I want, as a fan? A fair deal, that also allows us to sign our Top Cop Sergei Bobrovosky, and maybe some room for another free agent next year. I don't think that is asking much. I hope Joey is of the same mindset. Everyone one know Joey wants to be here. The Blue Jackets want him here. Something will give, and Joey will be here. I have faith in Jarmo, Davidson, and the Management team.

On to happier news, the first preseason game is this Sunday. It is against the St. Louis Blues (Columbus is doing a split squad in Carolina as well). This will be my first true game as a Season Ticket Holder. We will also be practicing for the March of the Union Army. This will be a March from R-Bar to Nationwide Arena. There will be chants, there will be flags, there will be guys from Illinois leading the way, there will be fun. But most of all, brotherhood. We are all united in our love of the Columbus Blue Jackets. This will be my first march, and I'm excited about it.

Oh, and I get to see a former, not-to-be-named former Blue Jacket get his ass handed to him.....

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